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January 17, 2003  
Photographs of Alice Austen. 1890s New York.

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January 15, 2003  
Caracas Chronicles, a weblog in English by local journalist, Francisco Toro. Mr. Toro wrote freelance for the New York Times but recently quit because of his activism in the Opposition to Chavez' rule. The blog is great reporting and very lucid, particularly this post about the reality distortion field surrounding foreign press and their ability to make sense of the situation in Venezuela: "Foreign papers don’t quite know how to deal with [Venezuela's] complex reality".
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January 11, 2003  
PATH Train Progress at Ground Zero. Try to find the Two Towers' Footprints. So much for sacred groud.
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January 08, 2003  
Latin America in 2003, Morgan Stanley. (via Beautiful Horizons)
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January 03, 2003  
Business Card Drawings by Hugh MacLeod, via memepool.com.
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