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August 30, 2002  
Co-Op City, Bronx. Aerial View. [i'll probably overload this guy's bandwidth limit]
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August 29, 2002  
Pedestrian Friendly Cities, in 10 easy steps (Metropolis Magazine)
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August 27, 2002  
Cemetaries in Warsaw and pictuers of the Polish landscape. [a photo gallery]
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August 18, 2002  
Graffitti in Buenos Aires

Taken July 2002. Protesting government's freezing of bank accounts and bond exchange plans.
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Two good blogs on Latin America: El Sur, which has news analysis and Treasaigh, which is by an American living in Buenos Aires.
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August 14, 2002  
I've become a daily reader of Brad DeLong's weblog, lucid economic analysis, frequently updated.
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