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June 19, 2002  
MTA's guide to Subway Art. Mediocre pictures but a decent guide if you're into that. (Via Lightningfield, of course)
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June 10, 2002  
Bootlegs of Contemporary Art, by Eric Doeringer. Canal St. moves to Chelsea. (via bloggy)
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Underground Typography, signage and fonts on subways, with much discussion of New York.
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June 07, 2002  
Photos of Brasilia: one and two. Scanned from the New Yorker. Taken by Robert Polidori [who's job i would love to have].
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Detroit's Ruined Central Station. An article from Metropolis with some great photographs. Also relevant a site documenting the Fabulous Ruins of Detroit (w/ photos by Robert Polidori).

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June 05, 2002  
10 Transit Myths about Los Angeles. Also compared, LA rail transit in 1910 and 2002.
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