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May 29, 2002  
The Name-O-Meter tracks a name's popularity across decades. Its fascinating to see the surges of popularity correspond with relatives' birthdays like Jerry, Laurel, and Helen.
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More photos of Sao Paulo. (again from photo.net)
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May 16, 2002  
Amazing, amazing photos of Brazil, by Paulo Pampolin.
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May 12, 2002  
Interesting weblog: Brooklynese.com.
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May 09, 2002  
I put up a short page of photography tips, primarily for point-and-shoot users.
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May 07, 2002  
I love the minimalist design of Paul Krugman's web page
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May 01, 2002  
On weird first names in Brazil (eg. Etelvina , Gutembergue, Raymilson, Oflar, Edval, etc)
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