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October 29, 2002  
Warren Buffet Hagiography from Fortune. Also see articles from 2001 and 1999.
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Vilhelm Hammershoi, Danish painter of light and solitude [in Danish, presumably but the best pics I could find online]. A little like Vermeer.
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October 16, 2002  
Daniel Isengart is a cabaret signer who does songs from the 1930s in French and German. I saw him last night at Starlight in the East Village [167 Ave. A, btw. 10th & 11th]. He sings there on Tuesdays at 10pm accompanied by an acordion player. It was quite good. I'd recommend going.
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October 09, 2002  
Urbanlens, photographs and descriptions of abandoned sites in and around New York.
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October 04, 2002  
Shots from the Hip, by Ken Heyman.

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October 02, 2002  
SkyScraperPage. Diagrams of the world's tallest buildings. Super coool!
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