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September 30, 2002  
Vintage Signage, Greenpoint Brooklyn, courtesy of BrooklynKid.
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September 27, 2002  
Simon Ladefoged. Danish Photographer. Scandanavian banality.
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WTC Architecture Rant from the New Republic.
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September 26, 2002  
Art Deco Buildings on Bronx's Grand Concourse, nice photos and good history of a fascinating section of the Bronx, the website also has good pictures of art deco buildings in upper manhattan
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September 20, 2002  
Brasilia under construction, photos from the late 1950's.
posted by Thomas

Yucatan photos, by photographer Robert Hansen. I really like this picture of a small town plaza in the fog
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September 18, 2002  
LVMH Tower, Cool Pics on 57th St. in Manhattan, via the ever cool Architecture forum at WiredNewYork.com
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September 16, 2002  
Etymology of the Smiley :-) (via Dan Gillmor)
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September 13, 2002  
Argentinaahhh, a cute picture showing how things are these days in Argentina, from a local weblog.
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September 06, 2002  
Small-town meetings, large scale photographs, by Paul Shambroom. Currently on view at the Julie Saul Gallery in NYC. [not bad for an artist's website but it's annoying how poor most professional photographer's web presence is]
posted by Thomas

September 03, 2002  
Cave Photo, no natural light, lit with flashlights.
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