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November 26, 2001  
Un Ladron Que No Quiso Bonos. Clarin.

In the Argentine province of Chaco a robber entered a bakery. When he saw that the box was filled with government scrip he shouted, "¿Quién quiere esa porquería?", which I would translate as "who wants this shit?". Provincial governments in Argentina are basically broke and many pay their civil servants and pensioners in government bonds--scrip. Many stores don't accept scrip, others only partially for purchases. The irony of a theif who didn't want government scrip wasn't lost on anyone.
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November 23, 2001  
Friends of the High Line, a group dedicated to saving an elevated freight railway that runs along Manhattan's west-side. The site includes a gorgeous slide show depicting New York's changing seasons as seen from the long un-used railway.
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Graffiti Painted Subway Cars from the early 1980s. Imagine standing on the platform and this pulls up. NYC must have been a strange place back then.
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4th Ave IND Elevated Station. The subway station I use to go into Manhattan is an "art-deco masterpiece."
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November 16, 2001  
ABC Rock Argentino. Letras, historias, links, rankings. I found it looking for the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Charly Garcia.
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November 14, 2001  
Here is New York is a gallery exhibit of pictures of the World Trade Center Disaster. It is a mix of professional and amateur shots. The prints are from an Epson inkjet and can be purchased for $25 with the proceeds donated to charity. I bought this photo, which shows the interior of the Brooks Brothers across the street. This was roughly where I was standing when the second plane hit the south tower (you can see my photos of the disaster). Of course this picture was taken after the collapse, by that time I was well into Brooklyn.

I'm not sure what I'll do with this photo. On the one hand I'm entranced by its beauty but I could never imagine putting it up on my wall. I suppose I get a nice matte and frame for it and just stick it somewhere in the closet, taking it out from time to time to take a look at it.

While I'm on the subject of the WTC disaster, Colson Whitehead's essay in the NY Times Magazine this week brought tears to my eyes while I read it last night on the subway.
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Internet Cafes are the new Peep Shows (In Islamabad)

From this week's Slate Diary from Islamabad (which is an excellent read in many other ways), the author describes the dynamic in the city's internet cafes:

Though TV stations censor kisses out of Western movies and prohibition is the rule, the city has a veritable glut of these Internet stores, which all have the look of peep-show arcades. Every computer to a booth, every monitor facing the wall. The carrels even have closing doors. The place oozes porniness.
In Arica a city in the far north of Chile, I remember the net cafes there had curtains around each station.
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November 13, 2001  
Commemorative Quarters


The best designs are those which depict an event or icon and use the whole surface of the quarter. The worst are those that just stick on the geographical shape of the state. Virginia's is sublime. Here's a list of all commemorative quarters in circulation.
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November 06, 2001  
Amazing Aerial Photos of Burning Man

Click for more photos

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November 01, 2001  
User Interface of NYC Subway

Lars Pinds, a programmer, has a series of essays on his website analysing (and criticising) different aspects of New York City's subway system from a user interface and usability perspective. They include:

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New York City Subway Map (circa 1972), (today)
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