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October 24, 2001  
Kite Aerial Photography. You attach a rig with a small camera to a kite. Pictures from a new perspective. Now I want to learn how to fly a kite.
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October 23, 2001  

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October 19, 2001  
Eduardo Galeano on Authority

In remote times women sat in the bow of the canoe and men in the stern. It was the women who hunted and fished. They left the villages and returned when they could or wanted. The men built the huts, prepared the meals, kept the fires burning against the cold, minded the children, and tanned skins for clothes.

Such was life for the Ona and Yagan Indians in Tierra del Fuego, until one day the men killed all the women and put on the masks that the women had inveted to scare them.

Only newborn girls were spared extermination. While they grew up, the murderers kept repeating to them that serving men was their destiny. They believed it. Their daughters believed it, too, likewise the daughters of their daughters.

From The Memory of Fire, vol. 1.
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October 12, 2001  
Another Thomas Hobbes

A little while ago I recieved the following email:

I have a report for my 10th grade English class that deals with your treatise titled 'Leviathan.' We are supposed to say what your first principal of human behavior is and how it relates to the novel Lord of the Flies. I cannot find anything about your treatise, so can you please give me some information about it. THank you.
I think he's looking for somebody else.
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October 05, 2001  
Ferdinand Botero

A nice overview of Colombian painter and Sculptor Ferdinand Botero
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October 03, 2001  

A variant of weblogs, photologs mostly use photos to communicate. When i'm a zombie from working 10 hours it's just easier to view people's pictures rather than read what they have to say. Some one's I've recently discovered:

Also surfing I found some very nice photos of Buenos Aires taken by a former resident. If you haven't seen them, you might want to go see my Buenos Aires photos.
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October 02, 2001  

From Piezography, a maker of archival ink for inkjet photo prints. You can get a 11x14 print of the photo above with a $100 donation.
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October 01, 2001  
Pinhole Photography

I'm gonna try my hand at pinhole photography. I've been inspired by a couple of sites:

And so I've recently purchased a Beseler Pinhole Camera Kit.
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