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September 28, 2001  
Airline bailout is Corporate Welfare. (Slate, Steve Landsburg): There has always been some small risk that an unforeseen disaster would dramatically reduce the demand for air travel.... If you want to participate in this particular risk, you buy airline stocks. If not, you buy stock in something else.
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September 27, 2001  
WTC Disaster and it's Architectural Consequences; a sober and well-written article by the Sunday Times architectural critic on the recent events. Includes good details about the engineering of the Twin Towers.
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September 25, 2001  
WTC Disaster pictures taken from Brooklyn. Pictures similar to my own (see entry below); someone with a camera at the right place and time. The link comes via World New York, which also linked to my pictures.
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September 17, 2001  
Posted my pictures of the World Trade Center disaster.
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September 06, 2001  
Redundant Acronyms: ATM machine, HIV virus, LCD display, etc...
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Colombian Rock

I've recently discovered Los Aterciopelados, this fantastic Colombian rock group. I recommend their album Caribe Atomico. I'm going to see them in concert on Sept. 13th at the Roxy.
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