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...and now my New York chronicles

August 27, 2001  
Apartment Listing Sites

Both are free and seem to have a fair amount of listings here in NYC. Unlike the Village Voice, which the whole world reads, these sites seem to be somewhat hidden, an insider thing. I found my current place via April's List.
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August 17, 2001  
The apartment chronicles cont'd

I can easily see how this seldom updated blog could become entirely about apartments and real estate. The follow ad is for a place costing $850/mo in the posh heart of midtown Manhattan. For you non-New Yorkers this is way, way, way cheap. Of course, there is always a catch...:

top location in manhattan,56th and madison ave. new beautiful apartment building.close to many subways. one beautiful bedroom for you, share sitting room, bath and kitchen. The reason why they room is so cheap is that there's Only requirement upon you:you must be IT professional (ecommerce or oracle dba prefered)and willing to help me a little bit when I got trouble with work or study.or otherwise the rent might be higher

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