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July 23, 2001  
Annorexic Models

Walking around Manhattan in the last three weeks I've seen about five fashion shoots. The first was right in the main concourse of Grand Central Station. Two tall, emmaciated, women lamely puzzled over train schedules while dressed in the lastest fall fashions (in the middle of the summer heat, of course). These and the other models I've seen photographed do not look normal in real life. They are tall and completely skin and bones. They aren't beautiful, they simply look weird. I am so used to this version of unreality in magazines and catalogs that I really don't give it a second thought. Now having seen a number of models in person I can better appreciate the gulf that separates them from the rest of humanity.
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July 17, 2001  
$800 Closet

Real estate dominates all conversation in New York City they way traffic in Los Angeles or altitude in La Paz, Bolivia do. Crazy stories abound; rent-controlled steals, illegal conversions and all kinds of compromised situations. I have one small one to add. Recently I looked at a closet in Brooklyn. The asking price was $800. Literally, the room was a mid-sized closet, just barely big enough for a twin mattress. Above a coat rack still hung with hangers. In defense of the closet it was attached to a loft apartment with high ceilings, two walls of windows, an enormous living room, and great views of Manhattan. Basically for your money you get a roof over your head and use of the common space. Friends who have lived in the city long enough to be bitter but not long enough to have their own rent controlled places nod their heads and say it's a good deal.
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July 03, 2001  
Urban Backpacking

I went to Costco in Brooklyn but I lack both a car and those little foldable dollies that everyone here seems to have. Lacking anything else to lug bulk food around in, I brought along my ever-trusted Eagle Creek travel pack, my indispensible companion on three extended bus trips through Latin America. It felt odd packing bottles of Ragu into a backpack while every one else strolled to the parking lot with their shopping carts. People on the subway surely thought I was some grubby European backpacker touring the US for the summer who was lost (no tourist ever goes to Brooklyn).
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